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Sell your scrap car easily at Cash 4 Cars Geelong and get green in your hand! We buy scrap cars and put cash of up to $6999 in your hand for the vehicle. Our scrap car removal services are fast and free and always pay cash. We accept all makes and models of any age and condition. Just contact us, and we’ll buy your scrap car as soon as this afternoon.

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When you deal with Cash 4 Cars Geelong, you deal with a fully licensed auto buyer, seller, and wrecker who is bonded and insured. Deal with the professionals, give Cash 4 Cars Geelong a call.

Cash for Scrap Cars

Scrap cars often do nothing but take up space; and, as the vehicle owner, you get tired of looking at the scrap car in your yard, garage or driveway. Cash 4 Cars Geelong pays Cash For Cars. Our car removal services are fast and convenient as we come to your location and remove your scrap car for free. There is never a charge, only cash in your hand.

About Scrap Car Prices

Scrap car prices fluctuate based on the value of the metal. This is why it is important to sell your vehicle to a car removal company that stays current with the current value of the metal. Many car removal companies and scrap yards pay the vehicle owner based on the weight of their vehicle. Cash 4 Cars Geelong employs expert car appraisers that consider many different aspects of the car when making a cash offer. Not only is the weight of the vehicle considered, the vehicle’s semi-precious metal content and specialised parts are, as well. Because of their expertise, we can offer top cash for car removals.

Our Wrecking Yards

Our wrecking yards employ expert dismantlers that can recycle a vehicle 100 percent. The semi-precious metal content will be recycled, just as the steel of the vehicle to make new steel. All parts will also be recycled for new use. It is our outstanding eco-friendly removals that have earned us the reputation as the green wrecking yard, offering peace of mind that scrap vehicles won’t be contaminating the earth when they are removed by Cash 4 Cars Geelong.

Get a Cash Offer

To get a cash offer on your unwanted scrap Car Removal Geelong you will need to provide us with a few details about your vehicle.

We offer our customers the opportunity to obtain a cash offer one of two ways:

1. Call us with the details about your vehicle- the make, model, age, condition and odometer reading and anything else we should know about your scrap vehicle.

2. Complete our “Instant Auto Appraisal” enquiry form located on this page. Just fill out the requested information and then click on submit. We will review your enquiry and have a cash appraisal to you.

As a professional car removal services provider, we are able to pay higher rates on scrap cars. Our network of specialists ensures not only a fast and efficient scrap car removal, but one that pays top cash.

Our car appraisers are experts, staying up to date on the value of metal, as well as have extensive knowledge on vehicle removals of all makes and models, knowing parts and metal that are more valuable on certain vehicles.

Why Choose Us

When you choose Cash 4 Cars Geelong, you choose a company that offers fast car removals that pay cash. Our car removals are performed by specialists that are able to remove all shapes and sizes of vehicles, running or not. We are a car removal services provider that is fully licensed, bonded and insured, offering our customers the peace of mind that they are dealing with a professional.

Our car removal services are exceptional:

  • We remove any condition of vehicle and pay cash
  • We pay cash of up to $6999 on the spot
  • We offer quick and easy cash offers
  • We work around the clock offering free car removals
  • Our car removals are always free

When you hire us, you hire a company that works in your favour, assuring you a quick car removal and fair price on your vehicle. Just contact us today to discuss your car removal needs.

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Cash 4 Cars Geelong services all suburbs of Geelong with fast and profitable car removals. Our services extend to 24 hour car removals, accepting all makes and models of any age and condition. Just give us a call at the number below or complete our “Instant Auto Appraisal” form located on this page. Our scrap car removals are the best in the business, and you won’t hear your vehicle is worthless.

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