About Us

Cash 4 Cars Geelong is a car removal company in the Geelong community that offers free car removals to all vehicle owners. Our car removal services are exceptional, putting cash in the hands of our customers. We are a part of Buy N Sell Cars and Atlas Car Removals Melbourne.

Cash For Cars Geelong & Removal Service

Cash 4 Cars Geelong is an established company in Geelong that pays Cash For Cars. Our systems are one that is simple. As a licensed and bonded auto buyer, seller and wrecker we have an extensive database of professionals that purchase autos from us, as well as parts and metal. This allows us to pay top cash on our customers’ car removals.
As a responsible business owner in Geelong, we have a strong focus on the community and practice green principles in disposing vehicles. We don’t toss vehicles or parts of a vehicle into a landfill where it sits for years, contaminating the earth. Our auto wreckers recycle a vehicle 100 percent, removing its parts and then recycling them into new parts for sale. We also form the metal into new steel to resell and reuse. It is a standard that helps to keep Mother Earth healthy and green and puts instant cash in the hands of our vehicle owners. No longer will you hear your scrap or accident vehicle is useless and worthless when you call a Car Removal company like Cash 4 Cars Geelong. We buy scrap and accident cars to resell.

We also offer fast and convenient car appraisals. Geelong vehicle owners have the ease of simply giving us a telephone call, or they can complete our “Instant Appraisal” form located on our website. Having the knowledge and experience in vehicles and their worth, we can offer instant car appraisals once we receive a few details on the vehicle. We require vehicle owners to provide us with the make, model, age and condition of the vehicle, as well as the odometer reading. If, for some reason, we cannot offer an instant cash appraisal of your vehicle, we will ask to schedule a time that is convenient for the vehicle owner to appraise their vehicle.

Our car removals are always free and extend to every type and condition of vehicle:

  • Scrap Truck Removals
  • Accident 4×4 Removals
  • Used Car Removals
  • Unwanted Van Removals
  • Scrap Car Removals
  • Broken SUV Removals

It is our policy to accept every make and model of any age and condition. When we get a call for a car removal in Geelong, we assure that we will offer a fair and competitive price on the vehicle. We also assure vehicle owners that we will provide all the necessary paperwork to make the transaction legal and to remove them from any liability of the vehicle.

Cash 4 Cars Geelong prides itself on being a car removal company in the community that is the preferred choice in a car removal company. We pay instant cash of up to $6999 that we pay at the time we perform the vehicle owner’s free car removal. Our company is established and focused on both our customers and the community we live in, assuring that we only implement eco-friendly services.

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To get your vehicle out of your yard or driveway and cash in your hand, just give us a call today. We are a car removal company that pays instant cash and always offers fair and competitive price on vehicles. Our policy is any make or model of any age or condition. Just give us a call, and we’ll give you a cash offer.

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