How to Get Top Cash for Old Cars in Geelong

Posted on Nov 7th, 2016

Cash for cars Geelong – a part of  cash 4 cars Melbourne group.

Time to get rid of your old car?  Broken down? Wrecked in an accident? It is not worth much to you but it is worth money to us! We will pay up to $10, 000! Yes, that’s what we said $10,000!

Call us now on 0428 311 711 and talk to our experienced friendly staff who can answer all your questions.

It doesn’t matter to us whether the vehicle is going or not, we don’t care what state it is in, whether it is rusty and smelly or if your Mum thinks it is ugly.

We are Geelong’s trusted Car Removal company and we are committed to removing any unwanted vehicle, quickly and efficiently. We pay cash at the time the vehicle is removed. You get cash and the vehicle is gone.

We don’t take holidays.  We are available around the clock, waiting by the phone for your call.  We have money at the ready to give to you when we take the old car away.

We are not just talking cars! We are talking all types of vehicles – privately owned and commercial. Call us about your old or damaged car, jeep, truck, van, bus, or boat. We don’t care what model it is or which footy team you support.

Our instant cash for cars starts with a phone call to obtain a free, no obligation cash offer. You simply accept or reject our offer. If accepted we’ll schedule a FREE Car Removal at a time that is convenient for you. We remove your wreck, at no cist to you and give you money in tor pocket – up to $10,000! Any time is a good time to call us – call now!

With one call to us, an expert car appraiser will offer you the best price for your vehicle. We pay up to $10, 000.

If you accept our offer, our professional team will get on the move to pick up the vehicle and take it away. More information about returning the number plate please visit Vic Roads.

Call Us at 0428 311 711 or contact us online

Why Choose Us?

We are the best! Geelong Cash for Cars is a license auto trader and auto wrecker. We’ve been serving Geelong with exceptional car removal services for years, and are known as the reputable car removers in Melbourne. Are staff are highly trained, experienced and ethical.  We know we give the best deals

We are for the environment

The team at Geelong Cash for Cars is committed to caring for the environment.  We remove old vehicles effectively and efficiently and don’t leave mess or broken bits and pieces behind.  We take care of all waste, recycling what we can, reusing and reselling all parts and metals and sorting out the oil and other fluids to minimise don’t damage to the environment. Our high standards, commitment and reputation in the Geelong area allow us to pay our customers top dollar on our car removals.

Call Cash For Cars Geelong now on 0428 311 711