How Juliet Sold Her Car for Cash in Geelong

Posted on Feb 28th, 2017

Juliet has been living in Geelong her entire life. This is where she was born and raised and also where she did most of her schooling, except for her Doctorate program which she did abroad and then came back to her beloved Geelong. It was thus natural for her to desire to work in this area, since she already had a lot of friends and emotional attachment to it, and leaving it to work in another city was something she never felt so strongly about.

And so Juliet got a sales job with a reputable pharmaceuticals company, and to help her with lots of traveling that was involved, she decided to buy a modest Toyota Corolla car to help her with the traveling.

Juliet loved driving her small car to the various destinations her job would demand of her. She enjoyed using the car because of the conveniences it gave her. She would carry as many bags as she wanted and she could also carry fruits and packed foods for her trip – something that would not be possible if she was to fly. She always felt she was in power every time she was behind the wheels and never once did she imagine running her errands without her car.

But as fate would have it, Juliet’s use of the car was cut short one morning when she leaving for work. Her neighbor, James, completely blindsided her with a huge pickup truck. James was a good man and a decent driver, only that he got distracted by looking at the little monster in the name of his phone when he was supposed to be driving. Fortunately for both of them, they sustained only minor injuries and were treated and discharged from the hospital on the same day.

But Juliet’s car wasn’t any lucky since it was declared salvage by her insurance company. This simply meant that it would cost Juliet more money than the value of the car to repair it back to working condition. Though painful, Juliet had to forget about her beloved Corolla and think of getting a new one.

But instead of leaving the car to collect dust and rust on her backyard, Juliet decided to sell the car to a cash for car company in Geelong and used part of the proceed to buy her next car. She managed to get a decent offer because, though the car was salvage, she didn’t wait for long to sell it and she sold it to one of the most reputable scrap cars company in Geelong – Cash for Cars Geelong.

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