Driving Tips for Beginner Drivers In Geelong 3220

Posted on Aug 7th, 2017

Geelong is a dynamic and a growing suburb in Victoria and it is a city south west of Melbourne. Geelong is a port city and is a go city in Victoria.

For most youngsters, one of their fondest memories tends to be the day they get their driver’s license. Now that the authorities have decided you can be on the open road and you feel like you have all the freedom in the world, but like most things in life perfecting the art of driving can take years of experience. Being a safe driver is a lifelong responsibility. We, at Cash for Cars Geelong, in Melbourne have rounded up some of the best tips for beginner drivers and hot the road with confidence.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to get better at anything is to practice hard. Get plenty of time behind the wheel with instructors and trusted adults so that they can impart their invaluable experience. Take time to practice tricky driving manoeuvres such as parallel parking and you will become a pro before you know it. Don’t worry you will gradually get better over time.

Fly Solo

Studies show that younger drivers who travel with other passengers in the car are more like to be involved in accidents. While undoubtedly it’s more fun to have friends and family around but it’s also more dangerous. It’s important to remember all the lessons when driving alone and more over when with passengers.

Buckle Up for Safety

You have probably heard this quite a few times but again doesn’t make it any less true. Wearing your seatbelt can decrease the risk of death in the case of an accident by around 45%. In 2014 about 12000 lives were spared by the use of seatbelts so make a smart choice and always buckle up.

 Put That Phone Away

You are probably sick of adults telling you to put your phone away but this is very crucial especially while driving. Although using a phone in many states is illegal while driving, the consequences, however, are more severe. The best thing is to get out of the habit of looking at your phone while driving early as it becomes more difficult later.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings In Geelong

  • Stick with roads that are familiar
  • Be aware of where you park
  • Park underneath street lights whenever possible
  • Keep your doors locked and your windows rolled up while driving
  • Practice general safety tips you’ve been taught since you were a little kid

 Be Picky About Your Car Choice

If you are old enough to pay for your own car, it is tempting to buy an inexpensive car. But one should be mindful of the safety ratings, buying a second hand car doesn’t have to mean you have to buy an unsafe car.