Can the Colour of Your Car Affect Its Resale Value?

Posted on Nov 26th, 2018

You fell in love with the colour of the vehicle, but have you considered its resale value? Colour can affect the resale value of the vehicle, which is something all car buyers should consider. Cash 4 Cars Geelong offers the following information on how the colour of your new car may affect its resale value.

The Colour of Your Car Can Affect Its Market Demand

Before you go after that new car, painted in your favourite colour, take a moment to consider how appealing that colour will be for the next buyer. If the colour of your car is too wild, sure, your car will stand out on the road, but when it’s time to sell it, you might have difficulty finding a buyer. While choosing a colour that you like is a definite consideration (it is your car, after all), it is always good to think about the future as well. The colour of your car can determine the market demand for it.

It’s Smart to Play It Safe When It Comes to Your Vehicle’s Colour

If you are buying a big FPV or HSV, consider purchasing one of their “Hero” colours, which is typically some hue of orange. It is likely a safe decision as potential buyers will likely find the car’s colour one that they also like. When you buy a vehicle, it’s a good idea to do some quick research to find out which are the popular colour options.

What Are Some of the Popular Colour Choices for Cars?

In Australia, the most popular choice of colour in new cars is white, so it makes sense that second-hand buyers will have the same choice in colour. While white is the most popular choice in colour that is not to say that car buyer should stick with white in their choice of colour for their new car. It is a standard colour.

Black is a colour that consumers also love in a vehicle, although it is one that needs to be at the car wash more often as dirt shows quickly on black vehicles. However, they look good.

Red is always a good choice in colour for a sports car; but, one that means greater upkeep.

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