How to Sell Your Car without Advertising

Posted on Feb 25th, 2016

In days gone past, the way to sell a vehicle was to fix and repair it, making it look as attractive as possible, and then to advertise. The process is one that could take quite a bit of money, as well as time. Today, those days are long gone with a new trend that allows vehicle owners to sell their car quickly. The trend is one that has caught on worldwide, and one that provides individuals with the opportunity to sell their vehicle within a few hours, and for cash. The trend is called cash for car companies. These companies have opened up in nearly every suburb across the US and Australia, and are legitimate businesses, but research prior to dealing with one is necessary.

The concept of the cash for car companies is one that is modeled after its name. They are companies that pay cash when buying a car. Most buy cars that are no longer roadworthy and have their wreckers recycle the vehicles. This is how they can make, and offer money on the transaction. When selling your auto to one of these companies, it is important that you sell it to one that does wreck the vehicles themselves. The reason for this is that you will receive a higher offer on your auto. But, Scrap, accident, junk and wrecked cars aren’t the only conditions of autos that they buy. Many also purchase used cars, etc. and pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $10K. And, the amount is typically paid in cash.

Some tips when selling your auto to a cash for cars business include:

1. Consider the type of vehicle that you have. For instance, if you have a wrecked SUV that is not worth the cost of repairs, then you should look for a company that also specialises in recycling SUVS. The reason for this is that SUVS are worth much more in weight and size than that of a sedan.
2. If you are selling a used vehicle, then you should consider the payouts the company offers for purchasing used cars, trucks, etc. For instance, if it is a company that specialises in wrecked vehicles, then you aren’t likely to see the high cash payments like $9999. Shop for a company that is high in their payouts.

The nice thing about selling your auto to one of these businesses is that you don’t have to spend costly dollars and hours fixing and advertising the vehicle. You simply contact the business. But, before you contact one, you will want to research the company.

How to Find a Cash for Cars Buyers

To find a cash for cars collector, you will want to get on the net. If you have friends or family that have used these companies in the past, you may also ask them if they recommend the one that purchased their vehicle, or know of one. However, the Internet will provide plenty of local companies, as well as information on the companies.

The easiest way to determine the best is to make a list of the local companies that seem to have the services you require:

Cash for used cars – these are the ones that have high payouts listed on their site.
Cash for wrecked cars – these, too will have fair amounts offered on their site, but likely not deal in used car buying.
Free car removals – with Free Car Removals, you don’t have the hassles of having to tow your vehicle or arrange for transportation back from the collector. They will come to your location and load and remove the car for free.
Convenience – the businesses are ones that make selling a vehicle hassle free, and for a price that is paid in cash. You’ll also find that most do not require much. You will be required to show them your photo ID so that they can confirm your identity, and sign over your title of ownership or scrap certificate, as well as have the plates to the vehicle removed.

Once you find one with the services that you require, then research the company. Read their site thoroughly. Read reviews and feedback that may be on the net from other customers. It is important that when you choose one, you look on their website for a physical address and telephone number. This helps to show the legitimacy of the company.

How Much Will A Car Buyer Pay?

That depends on the make, model, age, year, odometer reading and condition of your vehicle. Cars that will be recycled will be based on additional factors like the weight and size of the vehicle. Most are legitimate, and have earned their reputation for convenient services, and fair cash offers on autos.

Cash for cars companies are a means to sell your car without fixing and advertising; and, to sell the vehicle for cash.