Auto Guide: Car Insurance Claim Process Explained

Posted on Nov 5th, 2018

If you have been fortunate in the past and never have had to submit an insurance claim, the process to make a claim is new and likely confusing.

Cash 4 Cars Geelong offers the following information on how to submit an insurance claim

 To Claim or Not to Claim

Firstly, it is up to the vehicle owner if they want to claim their insurance company. If the policy owner is at fault of the accident it will likely be their responsibility to pay an excess and the policyholder may lose their no claim bonus.  If the costs of damage to the vehicle are less than your excess, you will not want to make a claim.
Do not claim fault for any accident until you have talked to your insurance provider or enter into negotiations with other parties involved in the accident.
Quotes/Reports to Be Provided to Your Insurance Provider

Once you speak with your insurance provider, your provider will send you forms to fill out. You will need to complete the forms accurately and send them back to your provider. Your insurance provider will require that you obtain quotes for the repair costs. Should the vehicle repairs be more than its value, the vehicle will be considered a write-off. In this situation, your insurance provider will require you to obtain a report on the pre-accident value of your vehicle, less the worth of any salvage value. If you endure other costs like towing fees, etc. your insurance may compensate the expenses.

Letter of Demand to The Party At Fault

If the accident is not your fault, Legal Aid suggests writing a letter of demand, asking the other party or parties to pay for your vehicle and other costs. A copy of the quote will need to be attached to the letter of demand. Ask the other party or parties to respond within a specific time, such as 14 days. Keep a copy of the letter and your original quote.

When submitting a claim, your insurance provider will have time limits that apply. Speak with your insurance provider immediately and report your claim by the deadline.

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